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Terms Agreement and Conditions

This contains the entire agreement between the makeup artist and the client. The only way to add or change this agreement is to do so in writing, signed by all parties, or by email correspondence. 

Makeup Artist in Kitchener

Simplicity Speaks

Email: niellaobijiaku@gmail.com

Telephone: +12263364282

 For safety reasons and in accordance with existing regulations; Makeup artists may or may not decide to wear a mask but both the makeup artist and the client MUST sanitize their hands upon arrival. If you feel unwell, kindly call to reschedule your existing appointment. I always do Advance cleaning and sanitization on all the tools used, before and even after each appointment.

A copy of this agreement would be sent to your email for your signature.

Payments/ Bookings:

Upon signing this contract, the client is requested to make a $40 down payment for bridal jobs or a $20 down payment for non-bridal jobs, (non-refundable). This is called a "retainer fee" at the time the event is booked, to ensure confirmation and to hold down the date, unless stated otherwise.

The final balance must be paid on the day of the event, as one payment. The person who has signed this contract would be responsible for payment.


All deposits and payments should be made to info@niellascreation.com


Bridal Trials:

If the client chooses to have a bridal trial before the event day, a fee of $85 must be paid, after the trial date is set. This is to cover the time and product used during the course.


Please note that trials are not in any way to know if the makeup artist can perform her duties or not, but to have a huge peek at how the client would look on the day of the event, as well as what kind of makeup style the client would love for the big day.

Travelling and Accommodation:

Traveling expenses and Accommodation must be paid for/ provided by the client. (This is for “out of location” clients).



All deposited money paid by the client will be refunded if the contract is cancelled (a week after signing this contract).



Kindly disclose any allergies you may have to certain types of makeup chemicals or products before the date of the trial. If need be, a sample test of the makeup may be performed on the skin to test reaction.



The client is responsible to provide a conducive and less crowded workstation for the makeup artist to enable her to carry out her duties effectively and efficiently. (If it’s an ‘out of town/location service).

Use of Images:

Niella’s Creation may use on its website, flyers, or any form of advertising it deems necessary any/all photos or video, or audio recorded by Niella’s Creation in the process. (kindly indicate, if you won't like your pictures on my website or IG page).


Everything stated in the contract is also binding for promos unless stated otherwise.

Any additional person getting makeup services on the day of the event would be charged an additional fee.




Adaeze Niella Obijiaku for Niella’s Creation.




Client’s signature


Upon agreeing on this contract, it is legally binding, and both the makeup artist and said client agree as follows.

Kindly mail an agreement /acceptance to this contract to niellaobijiaku@gmail.com and your retainer fee at your earliest convenience to payment@niellascreation.com


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